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Have you clicked on one of my daily tracking sheets, seen all the pretty colors and wondered what those chicken scratches mean? Scroll down and read the section "About the Daily Scans" for a break down of each column of the tracking spreadsheet.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Research 6/3/08

Breakout Watches


POT . . . . . 211.65
ENER . . . . 62.87
PCX . . . . . . 123.64


ABK . . . . . 2.84
PCX . . . . . 115.75

Round Trip Watches

DRYS calls
POT calls
PCU puts
ENER calls
PCX calls/puts
TRA calls
GS puts (man I could have made some money on these today!)

I wouldn't play the options but watch GOT to start an upward swing here.
There has been insider trading, and it just broke through a major resistance today as well as the 10 day moving average finally crossing above the 50 day moving average. GOT has been as high as 13.95 in the past year.


Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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