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Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Research 6/16/08

Breakout Watches


POT . . . . . 229.11 Target 253.20 confirmed
RIMM . . . .143.73 Target 159.20
TRA . . . . . .51.53 Target 58.23 confirmed
JRCC . . . . . 49.34 Target 62.30 confirmed High Volume Alert

Round Trip Watches

PCU call/put
GS call/put earnings 6/17/08 before market open
RIMM call/put earnings released in June
QQQQ call
TRA call
FWLT call double top busted
AAPL call
POT call

Possible Chart Patterns Forming

This newly added section is for possible patterns that I see while looking at the charts each day. Since I have not studied all of these formations, they could be misidentified. As time permits I will be using them as case studies as I am doing with FWLT and AAPL for learning the double top using Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns.

POT: 3 rising valley
FWLT: busted double top
SOLF: scallops ascending?
GOOG: symmetrical triangle
RIMM: busted double top?
V: symmetrical triangle
TRA: break up from symmetrical triangle
ENER: forming 3 rising valley?
HTE: break up from symmetrical triangle
NOC: scallops descending
JASO: double top reversing?
QQQQ: busted double top?
AUY: down trending channel
: descending triangle
AAPL: failed double top
ABK: Bump and run reversal bottoms.


Always perform your own due diligence before making any investment.

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